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    Lay Professional Mission School


The 21st Century is the age of the "Lay Professional Missionary".
   Considering the changes in mission circumstances, to be trained as lay professionals and re-equipped as witnesses of the gospel became most important and urgent. The number of nations that limit the official entry of missionaries is increasing. The nations with unreached people groups, which are so called CAN (Creative Access Nations), are reserved for lay professional missionaries.

Mission is the life.
   Incarnate mission, which Jesus showed, is the biblical missionary model we have to follow today. As the time of "Glocalization" has emerged, various opportunities to join overseas and domestic missions are flung open before us. We, the people of God, need to establish apostolic identity and become the witnesses of the gospel through the Internet and other communication media anytime, anywhere.
   I pray that the disciples of Christ that are sent to the world to complete the Lord's "Great Commandment" arise like clouds and serve in the Kingdom of God in this age of harvest for the Gospel. The Lay Professional Mission School of SaRang Community Church will be a good opportunity as a training course for the mission minded congregation to have the world in heart and earnestly look for the missionary call.
   The Lord never uses people who are not trained.

Rev. John H. Oak

16th Lay Professional Mission School ETC

To help people become World Christians who understand the truth of "The Living God is a Missionary God" and live the life of holistic mission.

Lectures are designed to help understand missions in biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspectives and how to live a powerful life as lay missionaries. Subjects include: biblical foundation of missions, history of missions, strategy for missions in other cultures, strategy for unreached people groups, the truth about short-term missions and how to prepare, missionary call and life, intercessory prayer that moves the world, etc.

For those who want to have a balanced view of missions. (This program is obligatory for overseas volunteer applicants and short-term missionaries.)

The World Mission Department Overseas Team
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