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Barnabas Prayer Groups

Barnabas Prayer Groups are...
The World Mission Department prays with prayer partners who put their hands together with world vision in this age of harvest during the twenty first century. In Barnabas Prayer Groups, we not only pray concretely for missionaries who work all over the earth but we also pray for the poor people who are dieing without knowing the Gospel. The prayer groups are divided into five regions and whoever wants to take part in missions by prayer can join the group.

When we pray, God works!

Nations Date Place Director
Middle East, Africa Euramerica Sundays 8 a.m. Somang #331 Yoon Seok Pyo
Southeast Asia, Japan Sundays 12 a.m. Somang #331 Jeon Tae Hwan
China, Yanbian, North Korea Sundays 10 a.m. Somang #331 Hong Joo Kwan
Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia Sundays 2 p.m. Somang #331 Paek Dae Hyun
Korea Sundays 10 a.m. SomangB#102 Kim Jung Hwan

Special Lectures on Missions / Barnabas Prayer Groups Union Meeting
Special Lectures on Missions : These are held on the first week of every odd month.
To inspire a mission mind in the congregation of SaRang Community Church and to educate the members of prayer groups about missions, various subjects are given by professional lecturers.

Time : The first week of every odd month, 2 p.m. / Place: Somang Building # B104

Barnabas Prayer Groups Union Meeting: These are held on the first week of every even month.

Time : The first week of every even month, 2 p.m. / Place: Somang Building # B104

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