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Present State of Missionaries
Mission Intercessory Prayer Network
Barnabas Prayer Groups
Lay Professional Mission School
Mustard Seed Mission Meeting
Adoption of Unreached People Groups

    Mission Intercessory Prayer Network
Inspire the congregation of SaRang Community Church with a healthy missionary mind
Play the proper role in sending missionaries (prayer supporters)
Raise the morale of missionaries who are at the front of spiritual warfare

Line-Up Plan for Intercessory Prayer for Missionaries
Line-up missionaries according to our church's cell groups we call "Upper Room" (two missionaries for one cell group)
In other words, pray for one missionary family that our church has sent and one other missionary (missionary who we assist, overseas volunteer, missionary who is a professional, mission organization, etc) per one cell group
About 4 or 5 cell groups support with prayer for one missionary family that our church has sent and one cell group for one other missionary family
Conduct intercessory prayer meeting under the leadership of team leaders (6 ministers), and group leaders (11)

Serving as Senders (basic guidelines)
Because the main object of allocating missionaries for each cell group is for prayer support, the cell groups should not feel any other obligations to the missionaries. (If a missionary directly asks for financial support and the cell group wants to do it, then notify the World Mission Department. Any financial support without notification is forbidden.)
Send mail (or emails) to missionaries regularly (every month or every second month) for information and encouragement.
On special events (Easter, Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, etc), send small presents or congratulations by mail (cards, telegrams, E-Cards)
- For the 2nd, and 3rd items above, if missionaries are working in limited access area (nations with security risks), contact the world mission department beforehand.
The World Mission Department plans to award a cell group which has done a good job as "Senders".

Line-up chart of cell group's ("Upper Room") intercessory prayer for missionaries
see missionaries' prayer data and mission guidebook "Gospel to the Ends of the Earth"

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