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World Mission Dept. is.
Mission Policy
The Confession of Community on Mission
The World Mission Department Organization

The World Mission Department Organization
Senior Pastor

The World Mission Department

The Planning Team
Advertisement/Public Relations

The Domestic Team
Farming and Fishing Villages
Assistance for non self-supporting churches
Military Mission
Work Place Mission
North Korea
Foreign Workers and Students

The Overseas Team
China/Yanbian/North Korea
Central Asia/Mongolia/Russia
Southeast Asia/Japan
Middle East/Africa/Europe & America
Yanbian University of Science and Technology/Sarang Cultural Center

The Domestic Mission Consultation Committee
The Overseas Mission Consultation Committee
The Examination Panel for Overseas Missionary Applicants

Elder Kim Dong Shin
Middle East/Africa/Euramerica : Yoon Seok Pyo
Southeast Asia/Japan : Jeon Tae Hwan
China/Yanbian/North Korea : Hong Joo Kwan
Central Asia/Mongolia/Russia : Paek Dae Hyun
Korea : Kim Jung Hwan

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