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World Mission Dept. is.
Mission Policy
The Confession of Community on Mission
The World Mission Department Organization

    Mission Policies
Gradual Globalization of Domestic Mission
Transplanting of discipleship training into other cultures
(Japanese, Southeast Asian, Central Asian, Chinese, etc.)
Ministry for foreign workers, students, and refugees from North Korea
Growing future spiritual leadership for the mission fields

Focus on Strategic Mission fields
Making overseas mission bases self-supporting
Promotion of cooperative projects (Evangelization of unreached peoples, SaRang Culture Center)
Reinforcement of the missionary's task (The principle of the select few)

Activating Lay Professional Missions
Motivate, train, and recommend ways to be a missionary
Developing professional mission training course adapted to SaRang Community Church
Offer opportunities for short-term missions and self-supporting missions
Research on mission fields and intensive study on mission strategy

Modeling of Holistic Cooperative Mission
Inspiring the entire congregation with a mission mind
Build up a closer connection with other departments in our church
Develop missions by multi-media (Internet)
Cooperate with the main international mission organizations
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