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Mission Policy
The Confession of Community on Mission
The World Mission Department Organization

    The World Mission Department
It's the department that works to obey Lord's "Great Commandment" which is to make disciples of all the nations to the ends of the earth. It's the department that serves the entire congregation of SaRang Community Church to establish apostolic identity as witnesses of the gospel and to carry out holistic missions as incarnate missionaries anywhere, anytime. We encourage the whole congregation to become world Christians so that they can do domestic and overseas missions as the body of a healthy local church.
The World Mission Department consists of the Planning Team, the Domestic Team, and the Overseas Team. The Planning Team sets up and carries out mission policies, supervises mission education, training and Internet-related operations. The Domestic Team assists churches, which are not self-supported, and fulfills the mission in farming and fishing villages, the military, work places, North Korea, with foreign workers and students. The Overseas Team takes care of the support for our missionaries, cooperative ties with mission organizations, the mission intercessory prayer movement in the church, and the short-term mission school. It also executes mission strategies for unreached people groups.
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