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    Foreign Workers Ministry

Foreign Workers Ministry provides the following opportunities and outcomes :
The outcome of building the base for missions in their home countries.
Good opportunity to share the Gospel to the foreign guests from 10/40 window area.
Opportunity to train the elite who can affect the society and the church in their home countries.
Opportunity to serve the people who are poor and weak in heart.
Opportunity to re-deploy them as missionaries to their home countries after sharing the gospel, training and fostering.
Induce the foreign workers to have affirmative attitude for social living.
Opportunity to experience mission in other cultures.

The World Mission Department has served directly and indirectly through Ammi Mission Group (Kyongido Namyangju/missionary Kim Young Ae), Foreign Workers Center in Kwangju (Kyongido Kwangju/missionary Ko Ki Bok), and Chunsan Jungang Church (Kyongido Bucheon/missionary Hong Jong Ae).

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