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    Digital Mission Team

กแ Goal
1. To support directly or indirectly the domestic and foreign missions through computer and the Internet.
2. To increase the number of co-workers for World Mission both on and off line.
3. To improve the ability of computer use for missionaries and missionary applicants through the Digital Mission School.

กแ Structure
1. It's made up of volunteers and the ministry is done under the supervision of the Planning Team of the World Mission Department.
2. It's divided into teams of system, program, web, and media for effective ministry.
3. Date, time and place for regular meeting:
Every second and fourth Friday, 7 p.m. / Somang #331

กแ Activities
Internet Young Adults Volunteers
Directly and indirectly support missionaries: make online-homepages, offline - system related assistance and education,
Cooperation in short-term mission ministry
Improve the ability of the missionaries to use the computer through Digital Mission School
Development of software and data (data for education, mobilization, advertisement, etc)

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